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DATASYS understands that achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by delivering a punctual and reliable transport service is a key focus for Train Operating Companies. DATASYS rail operations software solutions play a vital role in the collection, integration, enrichment and distribution of operational data. This information is helping the UK Train Operating Companies to focus on how to deliver improved punctuality, reliability and quality of service.

DATASYS applications are widely used to support rail incident management, performance management and service quality management. They help streamline the process of logging and sharing information in real time, which helps to improve the efficiency of disruption management and provides valuable information for performance analysis. Furthermore, they provide access to data relating to ‘non-delay’ causing events, allowing TOCs to analyse other areas of service provision and quality. This improves understanding of issues affecting both staff and customers, providing the opportunity to improve the overall experience of all stakeholders.

The Acumen BI business intelligence software provides performance teams with powerful reporting and analysis tools that can help identify opportunities for performance improvement and help drive action plans throughout the business.

DATASYS Rail Operations Software Solutions are used across eighteen of the UK Train Operating Companies.

If you have a rail management project you would like to discuss with us, please contact: Alex Robertson, Tel: +44 8450 947 656, Mob: +44 7989 404 936, Email:

Datasys Bugle
DATASYS BUGLE captures and analyses both the ‘how and why’ of the service – how the service has been running, what has been causing delays, why the service is not performing as planned and who is best placed to address these issues. Read more
Datasys Log
DATASYS LOG enables the Control Office to record and disseminate information in real time about any problems which occur – whether they cause delays or not. Read more

Datasys Quality
DATASYS QUALITY assists in the management of service quality regimes providing auditing software for mobile devises: improving data quality and providing automated distribution of management information. Read more

Acumen Bi
Acumen BI provides powerful reporting and ad-hoc analysis bringing the benefits of fact based decision making to a much broader audience. Acumen BI flexible reporting features and access to corporate wide data makes it easier to identify performance issues and opportunities, and to investigate and monitor performance improvement. Read more