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DATASYS are helping Virgin Trains deliver greater system integration in the Control Room

Virgin Trains

In a first step towards greater system integration and improved productivity in the Control, DATASYS are working with Virgin Trains and their supplier Nexus Alpha to develop an automated link between DATASYS LOG and the Tyrell IO messaging system.

Virgin Trains controllers use DATASYS LOG as a central repository for the logging of all incidents and events relating to both delays and non delays. This information is published in ‘real time’ allowing anyone in the business to view the Control Log.  This latest development will automatically populate entries in the DATASYS LOG with the Tyrell IO messages relating to train alterations, delays and cancellations.

Automating the data integration between the two systems will not only improve the quality, consistency and availability of information but will also significantly reduce the time spent manually logging this information.

” The semi automation of the system will allow for much duplication of work to be reduced and greatly improve accuracy and quantity of the items that will be held within our company log. The link between the two systems will provide vast improvements to staff that depend on items within the log, not just in the consistency of the data, but in the knowing that when the control is experiencing a busy day that all the data that is sent out via Tyrell IO is still captured in the DATASYS LOG, rather than the data being lost due to time constraints that disruption brings to a control office.”Virgin Trains Control Team Representative

The integration of the Tyrell I/O messages is just one of the exciting new initiatives currently being worked on by DATASYS to provide access to more accurate and enriched data in one place.

About Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains provides customers with fast, frequent passenger train services on the West Coast Main Line. They serve major towns and cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Virgin Trains use DATASYS products to assist the retail performance analysis of their mobile ticketing issuing systems, retail accounting and administration, performance improvement and operational efficiency.

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